Nu-Mega Driphorm® powders

Nu-MegaDriphorm® powders utilise CSIRO’s MicroMax® technology under exclusive licence to microencapsulate nutritional oils. The patented technology allows up to a 50% oil payload with superior odour and taste masking. With a proven track record since 2001, Nu-Mega Driphorm powders are internationally recognised as the benchmark for quality and stability. Nu-Mega Driphorm powders are used in a wide range of infant formula, follow-on formula, growing up milks and food applications.                                                                

Nu-Mega Driphorm® HA

For non-dairy application Nu-Mega Driphorm® HA is recommended. Cow’s milk protein allergy affects around 2-6% of children with the highest prevalence during the first year of life. Nu-Mega Driphorm® HA is utilises a patented carbohydrate technology which meets regulatory guidelines around the world.

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