Clover supports a range of scientific research activities that support the benefits of our products. Full papers available on request.

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2019 Research

Bernhard W, Böckmann K, Maas C, Mathes M, Hövelmann J, Shunova A, Hund V, Schleicher E, Poets C. F,  Franz A. R. Combined choline and DHA supplementation: a randomized controlled trial. European Journal of Nutrition 2019, 1-11.

Xia Q , Akanbi T. O, Wang B, Li R, Yang W, and Barrow C. J. Investigating the Mechanism for the Enhanced Oxidation Stability of Microencapsulated Omega-3 Concentrates. Marine Drugs 2019, 17: 1-12. 

Anoja W Gunaratne, Maria Makrides, Carmel T Collins, Robert A Gibson, Andrew J McPhee, Thomas R Sullivan,  Jacqueline F Gould, Tim J Green, Lex W Doyle, Peter G Davis, Noel P French, Paul B Colditz, Karen Simmer, Scott A Morris and Karen P Best. Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation of preterm infants and parent-reported symptoms of allergic disease at 7 years corrected age: follow-up of a randomized controlled trial. Am J Clin Nutr 2019, 1–11

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