Our passion for the health and wellbeing of infants and children is equaled by our responsibility and commitment to the world they live in. As such, Clover’s mission is to provide our customers and the communities they serve with economical, environmental and socially sustainable ingredients & processes that preserve and respect biodiversity.

Nu-Mega’s premium products provide the nutritional input critical in the first 1000 days of life, and we believe optimal nutrition can only come from an equally optimal & healthy source of raw materials.

There are 3 critical environmental factors our team of scientists, technologists, supply chain and manufacturing experts are governed by:

Fish Oil Source


Our omega-3 DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) tuna oil products are derived from wild caught tuna whose numbers are in a healthy abundance and is environmentally sustainable. Our sourced oil is produced as a by-product of the processing and canning of these select tuna species. This means our production is considered a value-added stream utilisation. Thus Clover helps in utilising such oils, which would have otherwise been discarded.

How the Fish is Caught

The source of our tuna oil is caught responsibly with the least impact to the environment they live in, using only dolphin-safe catch methods. No drift nets or gill nets are used. None of the tuna used in our products is sourced from the Eastern Tropical Pacific area where dolphins are known to school with tuna. Furthermore, our tuna suppliers and refinery partners do not participate in shark finning and ensure they minimise small/juvenile catches. Instead they invest in the research and development of eco-friendly fishing methods.

How the Fish Oil is Processed

Our crude tuna oil suppliers operate to industry best practices, ensuring the extracted oil is of the highest quality and greatest yield recovery.

Key advantages of Nu-Mega Tuna oil


Our sustainability principles are part of who we are, with strictly applied measures to ensure they’re implemented at all times. Partnered with sustainability organisations, we remain steadfast in our commitment and dedication to the conservation and protection of the future world our children will live and thrive in.

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